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Hello! Today I bring you the fourth weekly devlog video for The Archer.

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Hello! Today I bring you the fourth weekly devlog video for The Archer.

Here is the summary of the things I worked on over the past two weeks:

  • Started working on animations for a new enemy: BIRDS.
  • Tried out four different colour variations.
  • Made bomb arrows that hit enemies explode in mid-air, and made explosions destroy arrows in mid air.
  • Worked on interface code a quite bit, making it more readable and dynamic for different resolutions.
  • Redid the options screen.
  • Added an ini file which the game reads when it starts.
  • Did a bunch of work on handling different resolutions.
  • Added ini file writing when options are changed.
  • Game now shows logo the first time the game is run, and doesn't on subsequent runs.
  • Creates a default ini file if there is none there.
  • Started working on giant (rideable) birds.
  • Woop! Made mounts children of o_character, so they can act independently and then be mounted by the player at any time, and then they become the new keyboard input target.
  • Made a page of notes planning out the next few enemies I want to make.
  • Started integrating a new sound dll.
  • Started working on human enemies. They will be able to have different clothing and weapons.
  • Started working on t-shirt designs.
  • Made some more progress on the website.
  • Added a movement behaviour for castle crasher style pets.
  • Did some reformatting on the website, and got a big chunk of the art done.
  • Added axe throwers and drummers.
  • Started working on mounted enemies.
  • Did some work on enemy animation and ai.
  • Made a depth list to keep track of what objects need to be drawn in what order.
  • Worked some more on the website.
  • Started working on a template for human characters.
  • Started working on clothing for the template.
  • Did some work on the village.
  • Made a couple of mockups for the next parts of the game I want to work on.
  • Started collecting massive amount of inspiration and reference material, something I've been slacking on.
  • Added a bunch of debug drawing functionality for enemy ai and blocks.
  • Added buttons to the debug mode for hiding tile layers and opening debug console. Done for now, but will add more as I need to.
  • Restructured tilesets a little bit.
  • Redid arrow movement so that I can compensate for the player's velocity.
  • Added arrow impaling to all characters (player, advanced enemies, and mounts).
  • Added more debug drawing and separated explosions into 3 different sizes.
  • Added a map room with a placeholder map.
  • Added a new spark effect.
  • Played around with some cloth physics, and the new sound dll working.
  • Switched sound dll from SG Audio to supersound.
  • Got the map scrolling to the mouse.
  • Added some more debug drawing to player and enemies.
  • Added some preliminary acid cloud effects, no collision yet though.
  • Added cloth flags to flying mounts.
  • Added preliminary lightning arrows, which track the three nearest enemies. Also added in a script from the internet, instance_nth_nearest.
  • Started working on "chain" enemies.

You can check the links below for more information about the game. I'll see you next week!


The Archer - Offical Website:
The Archer - YouTube Channel:
The Archer - Facebook Page:
The Archer - Daily Devlog:


Antoine Gersant:
Antoine Gersant on twitter:

Theon - - 712 comments

Looking forward to this!! :D

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DIT - - 47 comments

Awesome Job! Keep it up!

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Sweet! looking forward to see more.

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newbie2356 - - 140 comments

GAME MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought an actual good looking game would come out of this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SolidFake - - 1,200 comments

rideable giant crow mounts? that's so awesome :D

also I really like the music

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BBgcddrfcccxxzsd - - 34 comments

I like the game environment. Cool.

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