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This article mildly shows the Anti-Graviton device and I hope you like it. =)

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Hey people,
I'm here to present you with my latest progress with the mod "Realities: Source".
before I get to the main bit of this I like to say the overall progress of this mod has slowed down quite considerably in the past 28 days and I might need a proper brake soon to give me bit of lazy/relaxing time that I think I need!
Now here I present you with my latest work: The Anti-Graviton Device!

Anti-Graviton Device

The idea with this is that if you need to get a cube or need to go to high places. these devices will be able to change the gravity in a select radius into the exact properties you'll find in space or the moon!
Here's a little video I put together over this weekend to demonstrate this:

If you want to see more videos about this project or any other mod-based projects Im working on you can subscribe to the channel!


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