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Welcome to the first public release of the American Civil War Mod: Revived! See the description or summary for installation instructions and full credits. This mod is built on the old, "House Divided", mod and I have done my best to revamp the mod, to make it look and feel a bit more in line with the civil war time period, and fix a lot of the old problems the mod had. Thanks to everyone from the old team that made this possible through all their hard work in the past, and have fun with the mod!

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The American Civil War Mod: Revived! First Public Release

The American Civil War Mod: Revived! First Public Release

Tips for Playing the Mod:

  • The gameplay of the mod is best suited to playing as a commander, because there is no option to enlist with a general, except for the native way of entering into a mercenary contract. I kind of edited the dialogue to make that the same as enlisting in the army, but it's not perfect. You are better off just recruiting whichever side's soldier's you want, building an army, and then start fighting whichever side you choose to fight against. Keep attacking enemy parties and eventually you will be offered an "officer's commission", or you can request one from the highest ranking general.

  • I recommend that you have cheat mode activated. You will most likely need the ability to teleport on the world map, due to the issues with the camera.

BIG NEWS! I have fixed the map camera! Here is how to fix it yourself for now, I will include the fix in the next patch so you won't have to keep doing it yourself every time you want to reinstall the mod.

Step 1: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\The American Civil War Mod Revived

Step 2: Open module.ini with notepad

Step 3: you will see the following at the top:

map_min_x = -180
map_max_x = 180
map_min_y = -145
map_max_y = 145

Change all those numbers to 500. Save and close notepad.

Step 4: Start the game and play. The fix is save game compatible, so definitely good news.

A very big thank you to DarthKiller, for providing me with the information I needed to figure this out.

  • Tournaments are not finished and bugged. It is something left over from the dead mod, and it hasn't been worked on yet. Tournaments can still be played through and won, but it is not a feature anywhere close to being finished. You can still earn a banner through a successful military career, or by choosing to be born into a wealthy family in character creation. Thank you to the community for making me aware of this post-release, I had forgotten to include the problems with the tournaments in the list of tips and currently known issues.
  • Some of the randomly generated maps are honestly terrible. If you start a battle and the map is trash, I recommend using the cheat mode to teleport, let the enemy go a little bit, and teleport back to them, so a new map will generate.
  • DO NOT fight in villages. There is a variation of one of the maps that is a fortified village, and the ai cannot navigate this terrain well at all. There is also a gate that you always have to destroy to get access to the outside of the village, where all the enemies are. Some of the village maps are fine, but this one that I'm referring to is so bad to play on, it's virtually unplayable, so I strongly recommend that if you plan to fight in a village, you save beforehand and see if you will be playing on that map. If so, use the cheat mode to teleport away from the village and fight the battle elsewhere.
  • SAVE OFTEN! Especially before combat! When you are knocked out, even if nobody goes down except for yourself, you will see in the casualty report that half the party or more is dead or wounded. Getting knocked out is basically a disaster every time, so you will want those saves to start over your battles when you lose.
  • Combat is deadly! Being shot once is enough to kill you, or take away the vast majority of your health. Be careful with your life.

  • Sometimes there is a bullet with your name on it, and you will be shot seemingly out of nowhere. Sharpshooters can be particularly annoying sometimes, but they wouldn't be sharpshooters if they weren't accurate at a distance. They are not so accurate as to be perfect shots, but if anyone is going to hit you from long range, it will probably be one of them. So once more, I would strongly recommend that you save before combat, just in case you are shot, because it really can be a nuisance to be enjoying the battle and doing well, only to be sniped out of nowhere.
  • Skirmishers, marksmen, and sharpshooters are the most accurate riflemen available to both sides. They are good to have spread out in front of your main battle line as a screening force. They are best suited for long range combat and are vulnerable to cavalry if left unprotected.

  • Survival requires skillful use of soldiers lives. Keep them alive, and use cover. You can have them shoot over a hill and bring them back behind it to reload, for example. Keeping men in the open is generally a bad idea.
  • Do not rush out blindly into combat, you WILL be shot. Strategy has a key role in this mod. Blindly charging enemy lines is not going to work.
  • Maneuver and flanking are highly advantageous. If you can get your battle line close to the enemy, and are able to open fire on them before taking many casualties yourself (preferably none), you will devastate their lines.
  • Ammunition is not unlimited and that goes for both you and the enemy. It might seem like the shooting can go on forever, but watch, eventually the men run out of ammo and will go into melee mode.
  • Do not underestimate the power of cavalry, but do not overestimate them either. A skillful cavalry commander can lead his troopers on the flanks and behind the enemy, to harass their lines with his men's revolvers and carbines. If executed well, a cavalry charge can also wreak havoc on the enemy.
  • Cavalry are highly mobile and versatile, however, they are just as vulnerable to enemy fire as soldiers fighting on foot, and if their horse is killed or wounded under them while they are far from friendly lines, they face a very slim chance of survival.
  • A cavalry charge made head on, directly into enemy lines, will usually end in disaster. Charge from the flanks or behind, and when the enemy's focus is not on you.


  • Dialogue more appropriate to the time period (mostly done)
  • Redo character creation choices (done)
  • Redo troop trees (done)
  • Redo troop equipment (done)
  • Redo outlaw faction to be more in line with the civil war atmosphere. (done, but not completely satisfied)
  • Redo mercenaries (done)
  • Redo mercenary dialogue (done)
  • Replace all music (done)
  • New musket firing sound effects (done)
  • New menu screen pictures for all events and locations (done)
  • Remove medieval items (done. left a few native items that can pass as period appropriate, such as axes, hatchets, bows, arrows, and some clothes)
  • Add civil war items to the marketplace (done)
  • Character creation stories replaced with civil war era stories (done)
  • Give generals clothes in halls (done)
  • Change banners (mostly done, some generals may use the wrong flag though)
  • Force war between all Union and Confederate armies (done)
  • Force friendly relations between armies of the same side. (done)
  • Change NPC companion stories and equipment (done)
  • Change NPC complaints and comments (done)
  • Change NPC king support dialogue to presidential support (done)
  • Change denars to dollars (done. there might still be a few scattered references to denars in the dialogue)
  • Replace all references to marshall, lord, lady, or any other medieval title (done. may still be a few scattered references)
  • All generals names include their rank (done)
  • Fix missing cavalry boots (done)
  • Make sure all infantry have melee (done)
  • Change guild master dialogue (done)
  • Rename towns/cities/forts with outdated or wrong names (done)
  • Edit descriptions for towns/cities/forts (done)
  • Change equipment for farmers and town/village walkers (done)

Head over to the download page, be sure to read the known issues in the summary, and enjoy playing the mod!

The American Civil War Mod: Revived! First Public Release

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