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I'm Hamster and I'm making Alyx's Gun a usable gun and I'll make it a Gmod SWEP(Scripted WEaPon) first then make it using Vavle's coding.

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Well I'm Hamster, Vak's temporary modeler most likely the only modeler. I've got some news for you guys. I'm working on making Alyx's gun a usable gun so and I had to completely remodel the Alyx gun because it didn't decompile right. Right now this is what I have for the gun. I can't figure out why that one part turned black so I have to remodel that.

Once I finish this though I'm going to use Gmod's lua to make a usable SWEP(Scripted WEaPon) then add that to I'll update you on when that will be availible so come back to this site to find out!

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