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February 1 update on the TO DO list that never shrinks.

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This past week I focused on getting some things into the game that I had on my to do list. We have special items that you acquire from boss battles and you have it for good once you beat the boss. You get the Water Breather from the 1st boss (Industrial level) that allows you to breath in water forever, ice cleats from the 2nd boss (Frostbite level) stop you from sliding on ice, double jump from the 3rd boss (Black Ash level) and the cash bot from the secret Sky City level doubles all materials you gain from killing enemies.

Aside from adding these things it has just been fixing bugs and finishing the shop and upgrade menu. I keep adding stuff to my to do list when I come across it and it's growing faster then it's shrinking. :(

This week I need to add the 3rd and final weapon, the machine gun, which is a 3 round burst gun.I have a list of about a dozen+ things that I need to incorporate into the save system whenever I get that working. I added Nick Gravelyn's - Easy Storage into the project with ease but that's about as far as I got because I got stumped on an error about a missing resource. I'll take a couple more stabs at trying to get the saving/loading in the game this week because that's the only thing left I'm worried about. Everything else is fixing bugs and adding a few levels/art assets.

Here's a few screenshots with the new backgrounds for Black Ash and Tropical Village:

Black Ash

Black Ash - Award unlocked

Tropical Village + Laser sight

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