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I sqouered all kinds of sites like filefront and moddb for comments of what people like to see in an improved FoC or EaW. I tried to take this into account everytime i made a change.

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So now by example, the ships are not equal to eachother. Each ship has different strategies to utelize. Lets look at the corvettes:

The Foray corvette:
A few point defence lasercannons only able to shoot at fighters/bombers.
2 light turbolasers only able to shoot at corvettes/frigates/cruisers/capitalships.
as you can see it can pack quite a punch against smaller ships from fighters to frigates in large groups.

The Sith gunship:
one massive laser minigun, shoots fighters and bombers right out of the skies.(or space)
stonger that the Forays lasercannons, the minigun for balance can only shoot forward. (thats realism right?) also it's able to shoot at everything, but it's not overpowered.
2 misslelaunchers for anti-everything duty. It won't devonstate a capital ship, but with both the minigun and misslelaunchers, the sith gunship can be used as anti fighter/bomber/corvette aswell as firesupport for a veriaty of missions.

These are just examples of the difference between ships. Also I read that many people think that the hammerhead capital ship is underpowered in pretty much all mods. Ít's equal to a Sith interdictor now, and in the middle of the ship/strenth ratio. Like it's stronger than a Republic light cruiser, but not as powerfull as a Paladin destroyer.

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