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The final version of the top-down tank shooter is here!

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Dawn of TankBot

It's taken me much longer than I originally hoped, but the dawn of the age of TankBot is finally upon us! Gather 'round the warmth of your computer screens and rejoice, children! The final version of the only slightly anticipated top-down tank shooter is here for you to download at last!

TankBot (64 bit)

In this update:

Three new levels to enjoy and cherish!

Two new enemies to hate and despise!

  • A new Artillery Bot capable of lobbing rockets high in the air and over any obstacle, but at the cost of his accuracy.

  • A new Bomb Bot who has done away with traditional rockets, instead relying on his speed and explosive payload to stop the valiant Blue Tank.

And a neat little tank trail visual effect as well as 32-bit support!

Some bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where rockets wouldn't detonate if they were shot inside of an object.
  • Fixed a few minor AI bugs.
  • Fixed bugs causing textures to not display correctly

So grab your keyboards and mouse and get ready for the realest TankBot experience ever!

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