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We have 8 days of events leading up to Xmas find out more here.

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Well me and soul would like to celebrate the days before Xmas in gaming style and so we have proposed to have a game of something every day up until Xmas Day starting from Thursday 17th. Each event is at 8pm apart from the 17th because me and soul won't make it until late, but we will be there, and this event is at 10pm GMT. Here is an event list.

All times are in GMT +0

  • Thursday 17th @ 10PM : TF2 Attack A Server
  • Friday 18th @ 8PM: L4D2 Scavenge
  • Saturday 19th @ 8PM: L4D2 Parish Versus
  • Sunday 20th @ 8PM: TF2 Attack a Server
  • Monday 21st @ 8PM: Killing Floor WestLondon
  • Tuesday 22nd @ 8PM: TF2 Attack A Server
  • Wednesday 23rd @ 8PM: WaterWorks
  • Thursday 24th @ 8PM: L4D2 Game?

TF2: Attack A Server

The attack a server games are where the ThornPhoenix finds an empty TF2 Server and everyone follows him into some impressionist styled fun. They will probably be CTF 2Fort but that could change depending on what people want and what servers are free.

Killing Floor Games

Both of these two killing floor games will be long games and when we beat them those playing should get an achivement. There are only 6 players per game but if there are more than 6 players of KF then just set up your own server and have some fun there.

Left 4 Dead 2 Games

The game on Friday 18th is going to be scavenge due to us needing to play it for the podcast episode which should be out on Monday 21st. So it's good to try that out. The game on Saturday is just the final part of the UGC / SDP weekly games based on Parish Versus. The final game on Xmas Eve is going to be voted for by this thread in the forums. Head over to it and vote on what game you want to play. The voting will act in two parts, the first is for what game mode and the last is for what map to play that game mode on. The first poll ends on Friday 18th and the second poll will start then and finish on the 23rd.

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