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Meet one of the the playable Citizen's Militia battalions during the campaign: The 25th "Terrestrial Lightning"! They specialize in sustained artillery bombardments supported by harsh infantry advances.

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The 25th "Terrestrial Lightning"


The 25th is a Vakar battalion, meaning that they are made up entirely of Enforcers and lack any Stormmarines. The 25th are famous, or perhaps infamous, for their action during the initial colonization of Howoz. As the story goes, the colonists decided to try to secede from the forming United Federation, and while such sentiment was met with sympathy, their philosophy was not: the colonists were lead by the son of a Nazi from Earth, and began to rally the people he had been sent with to the banner of fascism and militarism. The Citizen's Militia had been formed by this point, but no permanent battalions existed. The 25th became the first truly deployed, and consisted mostly of citizens from the capital Vel'Inak. What exactly they did on Howoz is best left unsaid, but after a mere three hours, the leader was pacified and the colonists freed.


The 25th, after their inception on Howoz, were converted to a Vakar-only regiment following the Covenant of Castes in 2160. This meant that their entire infantry body was outfitted with heavier armour and close-range shotguns. The 25th also developed a liking to the Recon and Command Centre, utilizing its powerful sensors and long-range rockets to suppress resistance so that the Enforcers could make their charge. As such, the 25th is incapable of training Stormmarines, and sees very limited use of the Transport and Command Centre. They otherwise have access to all other units available to the Militia.

Notable Members

Lance-Private Seth:

Seth is, like all the others, a volunteer member of the 25th in 2180. He is a somewhat shy individual who is one of the only members of his battalion to be equipped with a weapon that can shoot from long range. He also has a boyfriend back home on Vel'Inak, who he writes occasional letters to. Seth is also a Germanic descent and speaks with a pronounced German accent.


The "Terrestrial Lightning" is a force characterized by the use of heavy infantry and artillery to pacify their targets. While not a mobile or as "shooty" as their counterparts in the "Thunderpaws", the 25th brings their own slow-moving but hard-hitting firepower to the table.

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