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i promised everyone a release by Christmas, well, HERE IT IS!!!

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Ok guys. I promised. and i delivered. I am uploading the beta as we speak. Hopefully it will be checked by a moderator and uploaded as soon as possible. theres a new gamemode. Its under coop 16 for Belgrade ONLY. the soldiers are seperated from their evac vehicles. your mission is to get to the vehicle depo on the other side of the map and use the vehicles there to retake the city. remember, zombies can and WILL kill your vehicles, if they get the chance. do not let any zombies near your vehicle, or the zombie/s will knife and destroy the vehicle, with you in it. being in a vehicle once destroyed by a zombie also means that the ocupants are dead, or zombiefied. there are also some other cool maps, like 2 northern strike maps. the NS maps will only play if you have purchased the NS boster pack.

on that note. i give you 0.6a. hope you like it :D

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