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20 hour days over the past 5 weeks and almost finished “Virtual Earth Survival”. This is a version of the game that does not require the internet and has fantastic game play. The single player mode has a stunning new graphics engine that is clearly the fastest ever designed!

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MMO Sandbox game Virtual Earth Online (VEO) has been in open beta for PC and the response has been great. The entire Earth lies open before you. Make your own rules, create your own world.

However, test marketing found that over 20% of players complained that the game had to be constantly online to play. This bought up several problems. Firstly, a lot of our players are from the Russian states and Eastern Europe where their internet is not great. Second problem was parents didn’t like their young children playing a game that had to be constantly on the internet. And thirdly the players wanted more game play.

So, cue the 20 hour days over the last 5 weeks and Rubberman (VEO creator) has almost finished "Virtual Earth Survival".

Here is a short alpha version video:

The single player mode has a stunning new graphics engine that is clearly the fastest ever designed! We have also added stunning new terrain features that include realistic smooth terrain.

The graphics engine has been hand coded in Assembly language to ensure it is the fastest graphics engine around. ASM code talks directly to the graphics card. A lot of the shading has been put into lookup tables to increase rendering speed.

View from above

To survive you will have to manage your resources and work the land. Chop tress down, mine for minerals, fish, make tools and more. Create a shelter before night falls.... You may not be stranded alone!

Stunning new night sky line has been added to give the game an even more realistic feel to it.


Materials can now be placed in the same contour as the ground you are building or farming on, also you can change the texture of an area instead of replacing a whole block. A new selection menu has been designed and can be seen below.

Selection mod

A huge selection of minerals will be in place for mining, these will be needed with other materials to survive in the game.

New Minerals

On the 1st November 2017 Virtual Earth Online will release, when players purchase land for the first time in Virtual Earth Online they will also receive a copy of "Virtual Earth Survival" for free. Two amazing games in one!!

More videos will be posted of game play and design as we get nearer to launch day. Keep posted on the Virtual Earth Online YouTube channel

You can follow the latest updates on our Twitter page: @VEOtheGame

Official website and multiplayer open beta registration: Virtual Earth Online

Thank you for your time and we hope to meet up with you in the game.


and for those who only want the survival version (Nothing personal but i dont think everyones planing going through their home town virtually unless the are japanese or an very very fat american)

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VirtualEarthOnline Author

At the moment it hasn't been discussed to offer survival as a stand alone game, maybe further down the line. There is much much more to the virtual world in VEO other than wondering around your town. Huge plans for the future too. Thank you

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