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Just a little thank you + A comment about our mod

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Hi folks.

We have reached almost 250 downloads, yay.

Thanks for that but also for all your feedbacks about our mod.

I (KazerLight) need to clarify some things here, because I wasn't really that clear in the mod :

Some of you didn't like it because of my overinterpretations. But why did I do this ? For a good reason : it's a direct respond to those who find nothing good in abstract maps because of their lack of content. Meaningless doesn't mean bad. Max did focus on the level design rather than the story, which is often cryptic. My goal was to show you that we can find sense in anything if we try to think a bit. And I already know that my analysis are bullshit, because Max cleary told me that his maps don't make sense. But I still did these analysis. I think it was important for the sake of the mod, because firstly it is a gift. As Max's favorite game is The Beginner's Guide, my idea was to create a mod with the same vibe. I thought that making him hear things about his maps that he had never thought about would have been a nice idea. And if you want to play the mod without the analysis, just go play Max's maps from his workshop.

Alright alright, enough with that. I don't blame you if you didn't like it, thats perfectly fine.

Thanks again and please, if you want to see the progress of our next mod, join our Discord server here :

Also don't forget to vote the mod ! Bye :D

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