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Two years of SMOD: Crylife development. But it's not end of the story.

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It's been 2 years of SMOD: Crylife development here on MODDB, and I want to thank you all.
However It's been over 4 years of the idea itself, and during that time I've met various people,
that helped me, tought me new things, shared their ideas and sugestions with me.

Thank you all for your patience, moral support, all the things you did to help me and make this mod real.
Special thanks go to the whole BSnooch community and all the people who contacted me during those 2 years.

The files are being uploaded right now , after that please fell free to post any suggestions, ideas, bugs
and any other stuff you would like to see in-game.
Also please remember that stroyline has been moved to another Source engine mod but the storyline is going to be (backwards)
compatible with SMOD: Crylife, so no worries about that.

The bad thing is that Counter-Strike Source files might not load properly, if that occurs,
simply apply the steampipe fix for CSS from Here , or wait until I'll patch it :/

If you want to know more about us,current projects and generally stuff, here's out tumbrl:

Once again, thank you all, and remember to have fun.



EDIT: The original release has been corrupted during upload.

I'm Re-uploading the files right now, If your copy does not work please re-download
latest release (1.5.7.b) and the hotfix


You're welcome. :)
Your ideas of combining of the two greatest games have proved that your creativity is unshakable.

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The mod was really good! It was a really good idea of combining the two games! I always pictured the HEV as more of super suit, not a bullet resistant kevlar thiny, and you guys made it as a super suit.

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