That's a lot of people. (O_O) Remember to stay positive and paitent.

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Okay 10.000 visits that is a lot of people who have seen this mod. First of all thanks for you guys who have been giving me supporting messages it really have meant a lot to me.
But also thanks to everyone who have been visiting this mod just to check it out. So far all of you guys have been so nice and I really appreciate that. I actually was a bit terrified doing this mod. First of all I have never done anything like this, so all this have been a huge challenge. I have been through good things and bad things (Armor and boots... Those damn boots!)
All of this was actually just a boy dream where I just watched the last of the Hobbit movies I so wanted to play as Dwarves in Rome 2 so I decided to start modding and after three mods I reached this mod.
I have been trying my best to keep the updates (pics and articles) coming so you guys knew where the mod was
and of course to make sure that this mod ain't dead or anything like that. (Some people are quite fast when it comes to "declaring" a mod dead) I have been thinking of doing a small show mod video just to show how the things looks like when its comes to that part.

But again thanks a lot guys.
So far this mod have 6 - 8 units. (Can still be changed around)
my plan is still to remove a faction from Rome 2 and change it into Dwarven faction. I don't know if I am going to call it Iron Hill or what I am going to call we'll see.

Also I am started to get messages about the testing part. Right now its a bit to early to say. I don't know how I am going to do it. I want to let you guys help me with it, but I can't have over 100 people testing a mod for me. So I'll figure out what is going to happen.

ROAD MAP kinda

I need to finish the texture for the artillery helmet. (Done as far as I know)

I need to create a texture for the spear model. (Done)

I also need to create a double headed war-axe for the hero of this faction/king of this faction. (Done)
(Decided to make him not wear a helmet)

After all this I need to start creating some textures that are going to make the shadows, lightning effect ect. for the models. (Done) (Should work unless I have screwed something up)

Then I am going to make the models able to be used in Rome 2 total war. (Finally Done)

The tricky part is that I can't be 100% sure about anything but helmets because I have to see how it looks like when the models are being combined with the animations. (A lot of trial and error)

And finally I will start actually start creating the units. (I think its done)

Scripting/ PFM This includes making the units work in game. (Work in progress)

Then I have to test it and make sure the basics work.

After that the testing for you guys will start.

Make the mod able to be downlaoded on steam workshop.

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:D continue the good work

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Pc_Toby Author
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Thanks and don't worry I will.

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