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Announcing Project 2.6 for Tactical Fleet Simulator

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TFS v2.6 Project Announced
Tactical Fleet Simulator (v2.6) will incorporate many new features as well as streamlining the entire TFS experience. The traditional recipe for TFS that strives to be a middle ground between realism and balanced strategy will lean towards the latter in terms of build options and unit effectiveness. Several new ship models will replace existing models, namely some of the models that originate from the now defunct PDS modification. These new models will conform to the standard TFS strives to uphold - that is playability without an excessive drop in frame rates due to high polygon counts or an excessive amount of ship-based armaments. Other aspects of TFS that will be refined are the effectiveness and difficulty levels of the AI and the introduction of new ship based tactics.
Project 2.6 Discussion Forum is now online.

Being one of the few successful modifications for Homeworld2 in that there is actually a playerbase for TFS online within the greater Homeworld2 community, I have recorded a few multiplayer games I either spectated or actively participated in to show the strategy and tactics involved when playing TFS. TFS works in practice, not just in theory like many other mods exactly because I test and evaluate it by playing against other players to ensure a certain level of game balance. And now first-time TFS players can see for themselves how the mod should be played while contributing to the growth of the TFS community. I will be uploading some of these videos shortly, please standby for updates.
Videos available for download here

Legacy Versions - (Download at Filefront)
If you have trouble running TFS on your computer, I have re-uploaded some of the older, "legacy" versions of the mod without any modification to the shaders. If you are using older graphics hardware or if the mod crashes at the "universe" stage when loading try, one of these versions of the mod.

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