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After a long pause in development, the first full version of TFS 3G (v2.6.1) is ready.

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After a long pause in development, the first full version of TFS 3G (v2.6.1) has finally been completed. Unlike previous versions of TFS, v2.6.1 should work fine for both Windows and Mac users and will be compatible with Intel integrated graphic chipsets. The single-player campaign has been tested and I can verify all the levels work without experiencing a single Crash-to-Desktop (CTD).

The texture issue with the FF-25D and FF/C-12A fighters have been fixed.


    Standard hull defenses for most capital ships have been overhauled: instead of firing both lasers and guns from the same hardpoint, capital ships will only fire guns to decrease amount of on-screen clutter.

    The MWS Fusion Missile subsystem has been replaced with a Trinity Pulse-Laser Turret

    The FFB-31 Battle Frigate has been removed from the build list

    Basic fighter SRM range has been decreased to to 3.0km from 3.5km.


    Taiidani Bomber (FB-58) model replaces the default Vaygr Bomber (FB-11A) model.
    A handful of custom ship icons have been created making it easier to distinguish between ship variants in-game
    New flare-burn engine effect for short-range and medium-range anti-strikecraft missiles
    FFP-31 Interceptor Frigate has new Laser Turret models, courtesy of Axel
    New Vaygr Light Cruiser (CLG-95) replaces the old carrier-based CLG-102 cruiser.
    New model for FF/C-12B Assault Fighter and modified weapon system models for a number of other units

TFS v2.6.3 Commodo EasyVPN multiplayer Server:
Server name: tfsmod
Server password: tfsmod


EXCELLENT!! Any new races? Cant wait to Download it man.

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Battlecry Author

Unfortunately there are no new races in this release and probably wont because I lack the resources and skill to texture and fully HOD every new ship myself, and don't have anyone helping me with this project anymore. However there is a possibility I will add a third playable faction comprised of the extra ships and ship variants in TFS that are currently unused by the main races.

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I'm going to give this a try!

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wonderful, downloading now

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Would be awesome to get the Taiidan as third playable race instead of using some ships from them for the Vaygr.

Then all 3 Homeworld main races would be included.

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