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News about the 1.6.1 Hotfix being released in June 2021!

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TFN Fans,

I'm proud to announce that we will be releasing a 1.6.1 Hotfix towards the beginning or middle of June 2021. A final release date has not been decided as we want to leave a little time for the community to report bugs that we may have missed or don't know about. The final release date will be on Thursday, June 10th. Below is the list of changes that will definitely be included in the hotfix along with some QoL (Quality of Life) changes. Lastly, this hotfix will NOT require a game restart or a new character to be made. You can install this during a current playthrough.

Bug Fixes
- Changed Sneaking to Elusion, Lockpicking to Burglary, and Haggle to Barter in Clan Histories
- Fixed Male Ishtarri starting armor model (Thanks MrGeeBee)
- Fixed missing model for Bach's Holylight discipline
- Opening Theater scene skips the walk out segment and PC player models restored to the audience
- Hack Account option missing on Pam King's PC in museum; funds amount corrected (Thanks Erg)

New Content
- Added dialogue to Jack so you can skip tutorial but still get the lockpicks and XP
- "Skip Intro" box appears on fresh install
- Patrolling guard added to Empire Arms Hotel entrance

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