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This is the first big game I've published on this site. A 2.5D flash multiplayer survival game.

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Teurainium is a flash multiplayer survival game, mostly based off Unturned, and Mine Craft.

It allows players to connect to their friends and survive and chat together, instead of struggling through quests and missions.

Groups will be exploring maps and surviving, while talking to other players on the server and share their experience.

This game is currently being developed and adding new features along the way, leaving plenty of those features up to the community to decide.

Players can also create their own maps to use in their world, where everything is up to them: Map size, map colour, map objects, map structures, natural items, weapon spawners, items spawners and more.

Then they can host a server and give their friends their addresses to join and share the fin experience, that they won't want to miss out on!

You can follow this link to view it's page:

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