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Beta Testing phase for Chapter 3 has begun! Feedback has started coming in, and that means release will be (hopefully) soon!

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Hello again, everyone!

The beta testing phase for chapter 3 of Abduction is now active. I have already sent the download link to the people who PM'd me on Frictional's website, and I have gotten a solid amount of feedback and bug reports so far!

What this means for the mod:

It is drawing ever closer to completion. There is but one more map to finish, and one more to furnish/script, and then it will go into its final testing phase (mostly done by me, so I don't ruin the ending for anyone). After I play through it a few times to work out the kinks and make sure everything runs as it should, I will release the full version here on ModDB.

As always, I greatly appreciate the support I have received from the community. I have been working on this custom story since the beginning of February, only able to do bits and pieces of it in my spare time, and it is an amazing feeling to know that my work is appreciated.

I look forward to releasing Abduction's full version and hearing as much feedback as possible, so I can improve for my future endeavors.

Thanks again everyone!


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