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I start the tweaking phase, and starting working on refining the rest of the stuff I am currently developing.

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Hello again everyone,

You`ll be happy to see I have been at work again like a busy bee, and boy are things getting fun. Later on Sunday 21st, I will be uploading another video, I`ll save the secret of what the content will be for now.

You`ll notice I uploaded a lot of content for show on Saturday the 20th, I hope you all enjoy that , as its all ingame , using dynamic lighting, the only thing that wasnt present in the video from the 20th was the shoulder joints.

At the moment , I am almost to the point of doing the explosive bakes, and textures,and also shader tweaks, then once that is done, I am up to the final phase for getting it ingame, until then I will be doing short tests, and also developing the stuff I just talked about.



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