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Testing continues, defects being resolved, voice work is slow going

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So, through this site, and a few of the other Vampire fan sites, I've managed to recruit a dozen or so people to help test the mod. So far, it's gone really well. My dear testers have found many defects which I had overlooked completely, as well as made some great suggestions on how to improve the new experiences. For example, the Gangrel quest now is quite a bit more exciting based on a suggestion from one of the testers.

However, all the testing positions are filled now. A lot of people have contacted me about being a tester, and I've sadly had to reject them, simply on the premise that if there's too many testers, the amount of input becomes unmanageable. I do sincerely appreciate all the interest though.

I was hoping to have testing going on at the same time I was doing more of the voice work, but ALL of the potential voice work has fallen through lately. It's really quite frustrating. I'm at the point now that I'm willing to reach out for voice talent here on the site. If you're interested, you can find my contact information on the site here. And please keep in mind, for existing characters, your impression of the original voice actor needs to be pretty close to dead on. Just send along a sample of your voice in mp3 format.
Here is what I'm still looking for:

New Characters
- Indian or Arabian accented male.
- Asian accented male
- Another male; dark and commanding voice
- Females. Period. English or Southern accent a plus (female roles may be filled already but ... we will see; auditions welcome)

Existing Characters
Dennis (the drug dealer)

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