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Good news. With a difficultly to find free time. I still managed to get through half of the maps. Episodes 3 and 4 remain.

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My goal is to finish the testing by Christmas, and its a goal I am trying to keep (for reals this time). I've had a terrible time in judging how much time it would take to test my mods in previous years. I waited until I was finished coding and mapping, and now onto testing. The ONE thing I honestly never have done before. Shame on me.

So, to give the game a complete and fulfilling venture like I wanted when I released it 7 years ago. I have gone through the first two episodes, checked to see if there were any bugs (lots), and things missing (ceilings, floors, ammo and health). I went through each level by each difficulty and got through them all. Many of them with frustration because Hard... it's hard!!!! If it took me a lot to get through it, it'll be quite challenging for you, but it is possible, and some times health and ammo are plentiful, sometimes not. I tried the best I could to keep it fair. The only thing I haven't done is "What if I die? I have nothing, I'm SOL" wrong... that's what your save game, or autosave is for :D.

I do have one feature I'd really like to implement in this game, but unfortunately it doesn't have the scope for it. I was hoping to just start over at the beginning of the level with the exact things that you started with, instead of stripping you down of everything. Cool feature, but it won't be making it into this game, unless I have a lot of time left after testing. I don't want to make a promise I can't keep.

I do have great expectations for this, the successor to my first mod, the DOS version. Enjoy.

I am hoping to make a stretch of progress during the Thanksgiving holiday, so hoping for a good amount of time there. Until the next update. (It'll be after I finish Episode 3 and\or part of 4)

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