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I completed my tests of all the maps. Fixed a lot of bugs. What's next? Christmas day.

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Well, DoomLOH is getting close. I finished all of my testing of the maps. Currently letting my beta tester get the fullest out of his run through the game. Currently, I just need to write up a readme and make sure the game is finalized for release.

I also will hope to release editing stuff for it in the future, but as for now, it's not my main priority. I hope you will all enjoy the game despite the old amateur-made maps. I hope I can take what I learned from this experience and use it to make DOOMLR better. I have begun work on it already, fixing a lot of the bugs that I ignored or failed to fix when I released the first episode.

I plan to finish the incomplete maps, and other portions of DOOMLR currently. I do not have a timeframe set currently as i still have 5 months left of college before I graduate. I hope to make DOOMLR a similar task like I did with DOOMLOH. This will be my initial announcement that I have begun work on DOOMLR.

I will make one more update when DOOMLOH (SDL) is released, among any in-case there are bugs found.
I will make an update strictly on DOOMLR's page when I hit a few milestones in that game.

Again, I hope this turns out to be a good release. For now, 9 days.

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