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seeing this in aperture science...................

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A friend of mine sent me a snapshot and .mp3 of the experience he had with his personalized copy of Portal 2 had a scene which is similar to "dream" sequence. Stated that some of the maps look unfinished and there was no Wheatley in dilapidated version of Test Chamber 07 and 08 (the part where he detaches himself from his rail) instead of the secret panel there was a hole in the wall which leads to walkway to GLaDOS' Chamber. The recording started when he was near GLaDOS' Chamber. But the footage displayed nothing but black screen, audio is what's left of it. For some reason, some of the sounds such as footsteps in the footage aren't heard. Said that GLaDOS look like from Portal 1, she started crawling towards him getting faster and faster. He was running away from GLaDOS soon as possible and trying to hide from her. His game crashed before GLaDOS caught him. The game went normal when played again.SHOW LESS

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