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Demo of the first level of LabyX, concieved differently. The graphics are the same, and the path too. Just give a try to this version and let a comment !

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Hi everybody !

According to some critics avec advices, I've changed few things in LabyX, and brought them to the first level of LabyX. It's not a demo, only a different version of the engine I've made. And I would like to have your opinion : wich version do you prefer ? The first or this new one ? For info, here is what's updated :

- Square Window mode -> 16/9 mode

- A button to enter or quit fullscreen-mode

- GBT.X runs all the time : the "Space" key makes him walk

- GBT.X can walk/run close to the walls with correct size of road

-GBT.X goes under the walls when they become the first plan

You can quit with "Esc" key on the keyboard. The graphic gerenal interface is not implemented here.

Here is the file of this new first level !

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