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Almost done the AC I have named "Limit Release", this news update features information about what will take place in the future.

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I am working hard to atleast get as much done as possible, before that "personal" matter I have comes up, the reason I reference it so much for those who wish to know,is that its a favor for a friend, and I find it really important, so obviously I will be taking a time out for it.

Anyway for this update, I linked a youtube video from my account.

The video shows a better version, of a texture bake I did on the third head unit, its looking abit better now i Unwrapped it properly, this is just a normal bake, High Detail to low poly. A explosive bake, is where I take the model and break it up into parts, then bake those parts individually to make sure no other parts of the model are casting shadows on each other,thus giving a much cleaner look and over all better quality texture, then I put all the parts back together and boom, nice clean model.

I will of course do the explosive bakes last, for now I am just getting all the UVWunwrapping done so I can do the test bakes to see how good everything will look, then after the explosive bakes are done, its onto adding colour and other little details!.

Stay tuned


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