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A new video of our new (and rough looking) territory generation system.

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This time around I used text instead of words because I'm housed up somewhere without a good microphone. HOW DARE THESE PLEBEIANS NOT HAVE HIGH QUALITY RECORDING EQUIPMENT!

Anyway, less texting more

So I've showed off the World Generator before, and now the Territory generator. What's the difference, you say? Well Phil (Your name is now Phil) the World Map is like a... uh... map of the world, where the Territory map is more like a map of a city, or your local town. The Territory map is where you play the game, so to speak. Command your monks (or try to), and face down horrible enemies (or run away).

Each territory is generated based on its biome type, and the biome types of the territories that surround it on the world map. A random pattern is then chosen for each biome type, and it is placed on the territory. For patterns I mean stuff like "Circle" or "Semi circle" or "small groupings of islands", etc.

I'll have more to show off soon, once we get the water color washes implemented and some actual trees and objects and what not put in.


Lol'd at the Phil part, looks good, if a little bland.

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