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Well. Here is the first part of my Terran Conflict fiction, which maybe one day will be the campaign. I'll add the Hiigarans too it not to worry.

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Earth was once fruitful with life, now naught but rust remained. Great cities replaced forests; the oceans were murky waters, with no life in them. Animals consisted of pets and humans. Everything else was electrical. The atmosphere was re-enforced with the only force shield known to man, which helped elongate its life. But with the largest solar flare in centuries drawing nearer, the human race could not stay. In the space above earth, the great shipyard “Athena”, which homed so many was being completed.

Nigel worked on one of these decks. He was a construction worker, but he was not worried about the hull breaches in the shipyard. He was given a task in the great hanger. He was building “Exodus”, which was to be the saviour of the human race. It would take them forth into the galaxy, flying alongside freighters and carriers, taking the human race to salvation. It didn’t look like much now though, just girders upon girders to form the outer shape. He tried to imagine it when it would be finished, from what he saw from the designs it would be like a box with bits cut out of it, his supervisors always told him he’d see it when it was finished. Even at the start he could see the worry on his superiors faces, they had a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it.



The Athena was designed in the idea of it being a mothership and using it to colonise the stars. Though after the over-population of the planet the design was changed to help accommodate the ever growing population of the human race. When scientists found out about the ever pending doom of the solar flare they had to act fast. Sadly Athena was too far gone to be turned back into a mother-ship so instead became a shipyard for the sole purpose of building the Exodus and her escorts.

The Exodus is based on the original Athena design, though plans are currently undisclosed to the general population. Not even the technicians working on it know what it will look like when completed due to several sabotage attempts. The current design of it is for it to be versatile enough to hold up in a fight long enough to launch reinforcements, travel long distances and build its own small fleet.

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