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Latest final version of Terraland released! Please download it, play it and let us know if you enjoy it.

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You can download it at or find it here in the downloads section. Please let us know what you think.

Enter Abrante, an amazing place of technical knowledge. It is the epicentre for programming within the vast region of Terraland. It lies on the outskirts of Terra City, the capital city of Terraland. All of the best minds come here to share their knowledge on the wonders of coding, programming, debugging and compiling. But evil is afoot.

The game begins with the player character (a young man/woman about to start an education in programming) waking up late for his/her first day of programming school. Upon arriving late at the school, the player finds that no one is there. While searching for the other students and teachers, the player accidently activates an old helper robot that is designed to teach programming. Upon returning home, the player discovers that the town of Abrante is not functioning correctly, and is informed by the helper character that malicious code has been detected in the town's systems.

The townspeople begin to panic over the disappearance of the maintenance programmers and systems administrators, as more systems become infected. The town's mayor tasks the player with fighting the malicious code and restoring the systems to normal operation. The first issue to be addressed is corrupt data in the central data server. The player discovers data being stored in inappropriate data types and must change the variable types to match the data.

These pieces of malicious code are being created by the evil programmer Markulos, who is also responsible for the disappearance of all the maintenance programmers and systems administrators. As the player finds these anomalies in the town's code, he/she learns how to fix them, and eventually discovers their source ­ Markulos. The player must then confront Markulos and use his/her newfound programming skills to defeat him.


This sounds *really really* cool, not just as an educational tool, but also the storyline in general.

Alas, I am not near those skills in programming yet. I may reinstall Neverwinter Nights and give it a whirl anyway, though.

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Terraland Author

The good thing is, we designed it so that anyone can plug their own content in via a web interface that changes the database. So, this can be used for practically any sort of content, not just programming. We were doing it for a Computer Science project, that's why we used programming as a first basis to test.

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