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The terrain streaming has been optimized and the first closed test is over. Some other things were added too.

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In the first test run we collected important data like packet-loss and lag statistics, server resources usage or database efficiency.

Many testers noticed the lag caused by the changing of the terrain, so the terrain streaming was improved shortly after those reports and it's running at ~120FPS+ now.

And some new features were added:

- a new chat system with unlimited chat channels/tabs.
- skills and inventory
- a completely server based item and crafting system wich makes new items really easy to add
- world streaming, for all objects like tree's and houses in the world

Since the terrain streaming is done now we are working on the rock layer and a mining system.
When the rock layer is done, terraforming will be enabled. The mining system will be 2D.

And we are working on inventory improvements, a crafting window and a housing system.
It's not decided yet how complex it will be, but you will be able to place the walls yourself.
So no prefab houses!
A website and a forum are coming soon, together with a public live test server.

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