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all i can say is: 'tomorrow' as our terrainer Cyber always says... but for a few days now

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The day after tomorrow is still tomorrow for some guys, such as Cyber, our terrainer.
He promised some terrain screenshots soon and all we can do is hope that tomorrow day will come soon!

Our updates so far: we are all being mindfucked by Cyber, but we actually dont know why :D
Maybe i will code some simple system soon - if i find some minutes not playing LoL xD
Anyway, for those who dont know much about the starcraft 2 editor: it is possible to import terrain from the old ToJ map, but there are no cliff, doodads and obviously the rest is also missing ;)
I' am not sure how much Char will remake the old ToJ dungeons and how much he will create new ones, but i guess tomorrow can't wait ;)

I feel a bit bored and should go to bed, but im just writing this for now
A few systems i had in mind:

•The reworked damage system (I started reworking it for the 1.18 version of ToJ)
•Healing system featuring increased and reduced heal (recieved) by certain buffs
(note: you still dont have to worry a lot about this one anyway)
•Most likeley the old stats, but with additional features such as increased healing :P
•Finally a good Almanach that... well, works like a Pokedex (if you know what that is :D)
(I will post an UI suggestion soon)
•Riddle systems and Puzzles

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