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Detailing the skill tree and leveling system in TerraForge.

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Hello Everyone,

we're pretty new to the indiedb community, so we'd like to start by saying Hello! (a second time). Today we wanted to spend some time discussing the level progression system and skill tree that we are building for TerraForge, our passion project TCG MMORPG cross-breed? Now the idea of levels and heroes and abilities is nothing revolutionary; however, as far as we know, it has never been done for the TCG genre.

In TerraForge you play as an Avatar, an idol of worship for the many creatures inhabiting the land. If your Avatar's hit points reach zero, you lose the game. Simple enough. However; the Avatar has a deeper purpose. In addition to the wide array of spells and creatures you have at your disposal (inside your deck), your Avatar also has abilities that they can use in conjunction with these cards. The Avatar's abilities are not intended to replace the gameplay or mechanics of traditional TCGs, but rather augment them. In the first expansion of TerraForge (yes there will be multiple) we are planning to support 3 Avatar classes: the Mage, the Priest, and the Warrior. Each Avatar will have 3 distinct and unique skill trees available to them. We have included the Mage skill tree as an example image below, which has the "Destruction", "Manipulation", and "Illusion" trees.

Skillsheet GUI for Mage
As you can probably tell, there is a wide array of skill available for you to select. Unfortunately you can only select 3 to bring with you to battle! This effectively means, players must also now think about the way they build their Avatar, in addition to the strategy involved with building a conventional deck. This creates a very interesting and unique dynamic that, as far as we know, is truly unique to TerraForge.

Anyways, that's the TerraForge skill system in a nut shell. Thank you kindly for reading, and we hope this has enticed you to find out more about TerraForge!

Have a wonderful day,
The DLK Studios Team

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