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Skillful mastery of the rules of engagement will earn you triumph in this Cold War grand strategy. Be awesome!

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Incoming anti-tank and small arms fire opened up on us from trenches veiled by tall grass and from several 'pillbox' bunkers made of concrete. Mines littered the ground and for a second my strength to go on deserted me but stopping in the enemy’s zone of fire is a sure-fire way to die. Therefore, I ran up the path where a desperately burning tank had spilled its fuel marking a safe passage through the field of this warzone.

Warzone declaration

Being the leader of a Cold War power means, you are always in a conflict mode with your opponent though not always engaging in full out lethal force. Contrary to what most people think, the military in real life just like in Terminal Conflict does not have a complete license to kill, even when in minor scuffles with the enemy.

Order your forces to apply tension pressuring enemy forces in regions where no faction has dominance or control. You might succeed in forcing them to withdraw to other regions or to retire from the battlefield. This is all part of the dangerous mind game of positioning and power projection on a grand strategic level, just short of full out engagements.

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Yet, if you initiate any offensive action against a region dominated by the opponent and thus marked in their factions color, then you cross the line into open warfare. All military forces from the common soldier to the general need simple rules to know when to wage deadly force and who is and is not the enemy, or face needless death and perhaps ultimate destruction. For this reason, a warzone is declared accompanied by an increase of the Doomsday Clock.

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Marked with stripe coloring, lethal conventional force applies in all warzone regions destroying any defeated military units. The hot spots can be reverted to peaceful zones by disarmament focuses and decisions but otherwise they will last and can quickly turn into devastating fields of destruction depending on the state of your military units stationed there.

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Unit States

Land, air and sea units have different states when deployed:

1) Combat Ready: The default status, occupying a base of operations in a region where your military units are deployed and actively ready for offensive or defensive actions

2) Engaged: A status of all units that have taken an action or against whom an action has been taken that does not result in the unit becoming reorganized. Engaged unit status' lasts a set amount of turns and engaged units may not attack but can defend in full force.

3) Reorganizing: If a military unit is reorganizing, it cannot attack or defend itself and if it incurs another enemy action, it is defeated and will withdraw (except for Bombers Commands and Fighters Commands that automatically retire from the battlefield) or in case of a warzone become destroyed.

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Defense priority

If there are multiple units in a region, your commanders will automatically rotate your forces coming to each other’s aid. That means an engaged military force will protect a reorganizing one if possible and prioritize as defense in the face of attack. To prevail, you need to gather intelligence, deploy strategically and maneuver your forces valiantly. Skillful mastery of the rules of engagement will earn you triumph where you make the most out of every conflict, even if it has to lead through a passage in a devastating warzone.

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