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Teratrons from Outer Space is now in Open Alpha status in the Google Play store.

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Freshman Indie Studio is hyped to bring you:

Teratrons from Outer Space


TFOS is a match four arcade shooter where you must defend Earth from the invading Teratrons.

This game is currently in a playable Alpha now available on the Google Play store via this Open Alpha link

The Backstory:

An alien insectoid race is going around the Local Group devouring star after star, down to their very core. These creatures absorb the energy from the stars faster than the core fusion can produce it, and the stars simply wither away to nothing.

However, Teratrons are partial to articficial light, and if they find a source, say on a nearby planet populated with sentient beings, they will no hesitate to destroy it as well. Such was the fate of Alien Scientist Dr. Astronamor, PhD. But he saw it coming as he watched the stars around him fizzle out one by one. He developed ways of attacking the Teratrons, but it was too late for his home world.

Seeking to prevent this tragedy for another race, he escaped with plans for an Anti-Light missile that could defeat the evil pests and headed toward the next star where he saw the infestation heading, a star called Sol by the locals, with a nearby planet full of artificial light called Sol-3 by his deceased fellow scientists, by by the sentient beings living there, it was known as Earth.

(Currently, art is being commissioned to help us tell this tale)

Screenshot 2016 01 11 15 15 351

The Demo

If you join the Open Alpha (and we hope you will), you'll have access to a Single Level Demo of our core game mechanics and concepts. Three increasingly harder stages need to be completed before you are greeted with a mother ship, and the game takes on a third dimension.

Screenshot 2016 01 12 18 55 171

The Future

- Game play is made more difficult by adding additional teratron colors into the mix. For each color in play when the Mother Ship arrives, she will add an extra bay
- Six Total Colors (ROYGBP) means the last Boss will have Six Sides!

- Additional Weapon Types to be added include the Rainbow and Black Hole Bombs.
- Special spawns to be added such as TimeSlow, PhaseShift, and PowerUp
- Additional ship models become available

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