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This should be the most 'with it' or 'up to speed' 1.0 new faction tech trees.

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Lvl. 1: V-Wing, Z95, Proto Y Wing, IPV, Venator

Lvl. 2: Nantex Fighter, Z95, Hutt Dagger, Proto Y Wing, Carrack Cruiser, Corellian Corvette, Venator, Pinance

Lvl. 3: Hutt Fighter, Hutt Dagger, TYE-Wing, YTIE, Republic Interdictor, Pelta frigate, Recusant Patrol Craft, Marauder (turbolaser), Recusant Frigate, Procurator

Lvl. 4: Hutt Fighter, Hutt Dagger, Maul Fighter, YTIE, TYE Wing, Republic Interdictor, Pelta frigate, Invincible Corvette, Recusant Patrol Craft, Hutt Gunboat, MC40, Malevolence, Marauder (turbolaser), procurator, Recusant Frigate

Lvl. 5: Hutt Fighter, Maul Fighter, Fury Fighter, YTIE, TYE Wing, Invincible Corvette, Hutt gunboat, MC40, Malevolence, Bulwark MKII, Praetor

Black Sun:
Lvl. 1: Z95, VWing, Pirate Fighter, IPV, Interceptor III

Lvl. 2: Z95, Gunboat, Pirate Fighter, Missile Boat, IPV, Corellian Patrol Craft, Interceptor III, Corellian Light Frigate

Lvl. 3: Kihraxz MKI, Gunboat, Howlrunner, Missile Boat, Pirate Fighter, Ixiyen MKI, YKL-37, Corellian Light Frigate, Thranta, Diamond Cruiser, Immobilizer 417 Interdictor

Lvl. 4: Kihraxz MKI, P38, X-TIE, Ixiyen MKI, YKL-37, CC9600, Victory MKI, Eidolon Cruiser, Corellian Medium Frigate, Thranta, Diamond Cruiser, Loronar Strike Cruiser, Immobilizer 417 Interdictor, Mandator MKI

Lvl. 5: Kihraxz MKII, P38, XTIE, XCeptor, Ixiyen MKI, Foray Corvette, CC9600, Victory MKI, Eidolon Cruiser, Corellian Medium Frigate, Vainglorious carrier, Bulwark MKI, Leviathan, Mandator MKII, Loronar Strike Cruiser

New Ground units:
BARC Speeder
EWEB Skiff

Black Sun:
C-3PX Warbot
EWEB Skiff
Mandalorian Officer Squad
Mandalorian Berserkers

Other new Ground Units:
Ewok Glider R
Imperial Fire Team E
Sailbarge ZC, D
T1B R, D
Storm Commando E
Zealot ZC

Neutral Space Units or Unassigned Space units (So Far)
TIE-Wing (Chir'daki) Ryloth
Sorosuub 3000 Yacht
Bothan Assault Carrier Bothawui
Corellian Frigate Mod 1 Corellia
Corellian Frigate Mod 2 Corellia

I still have about 30 more units to sift through and either reject or accept.

A little more on the factions:
Underworld factions (Consortium, Black Sun, Desilijic) can build Gambling Arenas
The Empire can build Inquisitorium, which builds Inquisitors
Common structures: Recruiting office/Conscription Office/slave pit: Indigenous forces hired
Consortium Rackateering office: like a mining Facility
Space Port: Like a mining facility, except in 'space' and only on certain worlds

Desilijic is hoping to have a 'blockade' aspect; using a certain combination of units to halt trade to an enemy world.

Some of these changes may not come into effect as it might sound, but others have already been coded.

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