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Tenshu General, a rich strategy game condensed into a casual experience with a board game look and feel. You can play it for only € 3,99!

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Get ready to fulfill your destiny as an armchair general. Ready for a quick 10 minute game in which the layers of game play that come with games like Risk and the Total War series and brought to life in a casual gaming experience.

Set in the time of the samurai in early Japan, you control a Tenshu castle from where you rule your land. Moving armies from province to province you have to try to close in on the enemy’s Tenshu and destroy it.


  • Play against multiple computer opponents
  • Play on different maps
  • Create armies to defend your Tenshu and defeat your opponents
  • Manage your economy by capturing provinces and villages
  • Improve your Tenshu, villages and armies with different upgrades
  • Use an adviser to strategically improve rice production
  • Choose your side and starting location
  • Terrain, battle, economy and movement modifiers
  • Full screen and windowed mode
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