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Something has happened which will be explained soon.

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Followers, i regret to tell you that this project has been reset.

Due to a problem with my storage, i had to re-install the software and i forgot to backup the data beforehand on the progress we've made, only one model has survived, it's the last post I've made before this one.
Because of this, I've asked Lukozade about any models that he might've kept from when i sent them to him, but so far he hasn't responded with a yes or a no on the subject.
However i am currently in the process of re-installing modeling and conversion software that i managed to obtain before the incident.
In the meantime, i'll be drawing up new models and trying to remake as many of the old ones as i can, but accuracy from this will be subject to variation.

For now, this is shadowfax91, signing out.


Software related to storing your stuff, never heard of software doing that before unless you mean something like dropbox. This really sucks by the way but you should have made a backup, last update was back in January anyway and that was 5 months ago. Are you sure you want to continue.

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