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My new miniwad project form Boom-compatible source ports with a lot of bex modifications influenced by games like Heretic, Hexen and Painkiller.

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I'm working on miniwad of four levels (3 large maps and final boss map). It requires Boom-source port with support of mp3 music to run. Also I'm trying to rework most of enemies and add new ones also make some weapon rebalancing as far as it possible for BEX mod, also i'd like to create uncommon monster mechanics (but again as far as it possible for BEX mod).

For now there is a single map (first chapter) which may take about 1 hour to complete and already made modiciations to enemies and weapons. For example new delayed blast attack: explosion created directly on a player's position with little delay. It's used by archviles now. Also pistol replaced with burst rifle. It has perfect accuracy and higher damage per second. It's goes well for sniping enemies. Full list of changes you may see at mod's page.

Demo level is well tested and playable on it's own. You may play it right now :) I want to see your opinions and suggestions to make it better.


Screenshot Doom 20170213 205314

Screenshot Doom 20170213 205435

Screenshot Doom 20170213 205637

Screenshot Doom 20170213 205854

Screenshot Doom 20170213 205903

Temple of Unholy Fire, chapter 1 (demo level)

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