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Temple+ celebrates its first 6 months out in the wild! With Prestige classes nearly finished, what's next in store?

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Howdy folks! Time for a new update =D

We've recently made a series of releases culminating in Temple+ v1.0.29, marking over half a year of improvement, fixes and new features for this old beast!

So what's new??

First and foremost, Temple+ now boasts 5 additional Prestige Classes since the last update, bringing the total up to 7. The new classes include:

  • Arcane Trickster
  • Assassin
  • Blackguard
  • Duelist
  • Dwarven Defender

Prestige Classes 7 of 9
Jack of literally all trades. A bit ridiculous, but technically possible.

One of the base classes got a little love as well - the Bard now has multi-targeting ability, so you can Fascinate multiple foes and Inspire Greatness or Heroics in multiple friends. Bards also get two new songs to complement their arsenal - Suggestion and Song of Freedom. This nicely rounds up the existing base classes for the high-level content you can find in the Co8 mod.

Bard Suggestion
This Bugbear ran away screaming at the mere Suggestion of doing the dishes

Thanks to suggestions and requests from you, we also incorporated an improvement to spells that was crucial for having effective Arcane Tricksters - Weapon-like Spells. This lets spells with an attack roll (such as Melf's Acid Arrow) inflict Sneak Attack damage in addition to the normal spell damage. Surprising, but it's by the rules, and pretty badass at that!

A number of you have requested options for relaxing some restrictions, such as Craft Magic Arms & Armor spell Requirements, Point Buy limits, and alignment requirements for Prestige Classes. Your prayers have been answered :) you now have access to a new House Rules option - Lax Rules - which will allow these things, and possibly more in the future.

Munchkin stats
Meet Munchkalon, the avatar of Lax Rules. Because who needs charisma anyway?!

Under the hood, we've also made some extensive changes that give even more power to modders. Hate the Vancian casting system? You can now change a flag in a Class Definition file, and your Cleric will behave like a Sorcerer! And that's just a tiny fraction of what you can alter - indeed, all the Prestige Classes were done with it. We already have at least one taker here - Winston Schnozwick from the Co8 - working on adding Psi to the game using these new capabilities. It's an ambitious undertaking that will also require some substantial digging into more UI, but we'll get there!

upload 2016 9 15 0 23 49

A Favored Soul in the making...

With the growing interest in modding, we've taken the time to document the new modding features in the Github Wiki - there's quite a bit still left to fill in but the basics are covered. Check it out:

Other than that, a ton of fixes and improvements have been made, including a working Magic Domain ability to use Arcane scrolls & wands, Enter key support for several interfaces, radial menu submenus for Dismiss Spell and Wands/Scrolls with multiple options, a fix for the broken Opportunist ability, and a whole bunch more! See below for a complete list.

So what's in store for next few months? In the near term, finishing up the other couple of planned Prestige Classes - that's the Arcane Archer, and after that it's probably going to be the Dragon Disciple instead of the originally planned Archmage, since that one would only comes into play very late into the game. Aside from that we'll be adding some needed polish such as better wiki help support and tooltips for all the new stuff we've introduced, and incorporating more of the suggestions from the playerbase.

Following that we'll be going into a bit of an "infrastructure mode", digging some more into the character creation UI, map system, and other ToEE internals for our needs. The goal is to support the addition of Winston's Psi mod, new Sub-Races, flexible Class Kits, and a Skirmish mode/arena where you can duke it out with monsters or other parties. That's a handful for sure, so it may take some time ;) fortunately we have the end of year holidays coming up!

Temple+ 1.0.12

Once again a big thank you for keeping the suggestions, requests and bug reports coming. ToEE is slowly but surely evolving to be a real polished gem!


Cattle & Pug

Detailed changelog

  1. Improvements
    * Added Prestige Classes: Arcane Trickster, Assassin, Blackguard, Duelist, Dwarven Defender
    * Bardic Music overhaul:
    - Added Bard Suggestion song (causes a fear effect)
    - Added Song of Freedom
    - Enabled multitargeting for Fascinate, Inspire Greatness and Inspire Heroics
    - Fascinated creatures will get to make a saving throw every round in combat as a counterbalance for Fascinate multitargeting
    * Added House Rules option: Lax Rules. Eases various restrictions, including: no spell requirements for Craft MA&A, no alignment restrictions for PRCs, and uncapped Poiny Buy points
    * Added House Rules option: Transparent NPC Stats. Shows exact HP for hovered NPCs, and NPC class levels & stats in the inventory UI.
    * Added House Rules option: Non-Core Materials. Will be used to toggle future additions from splatbooks, psi abilities, fan suggestions and such.
    * Full Attack initiated as a default click action will now allow carryover of remaining attacks if the target becomes unconscious, instead of wasting them all. The AI will also benefit from this :)
    * Added support for Weapon-like Spells. Such spells will now benefit from Sneak Attack damage.
    Affected spells include:
    Scorching Ray, Chill Touch, Vampiric Touch, Produce Flame, Ray of Frost, Acid Splash, Melf's Acid Arrow, Inflict X Wounds, Disintegrate, Polar Ray, Meteor Swarm, Magic Stone, Searing Light, Flame Tongue
    * Dismiss spell radial menu now allows you to select specific spells to dismiss
    * Wands/Scrolls with multiple options (such as Summon Monster) will now allow you to select an option from the radial menu
    * Clicking on NPCs to talk will now choose the closest PC rather than the closest party member (so no more sending your animal companion to do the talking just because he's closest!)
    * Paladins can transform into Blackguards without falling first (will get a permanent Fallen status and an alignment shift to Evil)
    * Added Deadly Precision feat (will make sneak attack damage dice as 1d5+1 instead of 1d6)
    * Added support for non-english version fonts.
    * Added missing particle effects for Summon Monster and Summon Nature's Ally spells (Co8 only)
    * Added wiki help entries for the Prestige Classes
    * Added sound on levelup (LEVEL_UP.WAV from the original game files)

  2. UI
    * Added Enter key support to multi-select target picker UI
    * Added Enter key support Item Transfer Slider UI
    * Added Enter/Esc key support for popup UIs. Affects the "Overwrite save game?" and "Are you sure you want to remove this character?" dialogs and a few others.
    * Added charges remaining display for Staffs in inventory UI box
    * Radial menu magical items with charges or quantity (such as wands or potion stacks) will display the number
    * Bardic Music radial menu will display remaining usages
    * Added Shift+click for long description to vendor inventories
  3. Fixes
    * Fixed Magic Domain so Clerics can now use Arcane Scrolls & Wands at under half their Cleric level.
    * Fixed bug when copying scrolls with quantity > 1 that destroyed the whole stack
    * Fixed AI spellcast targeting so it can now use multiple projectiles (e.g. with Magic Missile).
    * Fixed Halfling not getting +1 to hit bonus with slings
    * Fixed Prayer Beads (Karma) effect
    * Fixed Opportunist feat
    * Fixed Whirlwind Attack to allow usage from outside of combat
    * Fixed issue when trying to cast spells / use magic items while NPCs are prebuffing
    * Fixed Roll History printout not regarding natural 20s / 1s
    * Fixed bug with Banshee Charisma Drain (Groaning Spirit ability) that could cause huge temp HP/charisma drains on a successful save
    * Fixed Ochre Jellies / Slimes: HP will now split properly, and Piercing + Slashing Weapons (like daggers) will cause splitting too. When below 10 HP they will stop splitting and take damage from piercing/slashing attacks.
    * Inflict X Wounds spells now require a touch attack roll
    * Fixed issue when crafting when inventory is full - item will drop on the ground now (+added text bubble reminder)
    * Fixed savegame screenshots not getting updated ingame when overwriting a save
    * Fixed Wiz/X combos scribing scrolls issue
    * Fixed application of caster level bonuses (e.g. from Domains) for spells with multiple targets. (Affected spells include Holy Word/Dictum which had their caster level insanely inflated and thus killed everyone).
    * Fixed Holy Word/Dictum not working on Neutral targets
    * Fixed Goodberries not being identified (this prevented them from stacking)
    * Fixed Scribe Scroll allowing you to scribe scrolls that you can't actually cast
    * Fixed parser bug for Property columns with a 2nd argument causing the next property to go FUBAR
    * Fixed parser bug with mc_subtype_extraplaner/extraplanar typo (so all elementals will register as extraplanar now and will be dismissible)
    * Fixed Spells Dismissal and Banishment vs. extraplanar creatures
    * Fixed missing prerequisites description for Stunning Fist.
    * Fixed crafted items not getting their Shift+click long description (description will still pertain to the base item however)

  4. Modding/Technical
    * Python Spells: added spell.begin_round_obj member to identify whose round is beginning in the OnBeginRound event
    *rules\spells entries: extended Moebius' max_targets mod to the following format
    max_Target: -daabc
    So the max number of targets is then
    min(aa, ( caster_level - d + b) / (c+1)
    * Added infrastructure for defining new Status Indicators via formatted text file entries. See wiki entry.
    * Added elementary Python D20 Actions API
    * Added Python commands:
    obj.float_text_line(text, color) for floating freeform text
    obj.object_event_append(olc_filter, radius_feet) (supports definition of new AoE's)
    * Externalized radial menu choices to the rules\spells file (this is thourgh added support for "choices: " and "proto choices: " lines)
    * Added Spell List to class spec definitions - you can now create custom spell lists.
    * Added Spell Readying Type to class spec definitions - you can now change the spell readying type (vancian or innate a la sorcerers)
    * Added infrastructure for new feat definitions via .txt files in rules\feats
    * Added toggle radial menus to tpdp builtin module
    * Added spell registration to python layer via tpactions builtin module (useful for integrating new actions with the spell system and its targeting facilities)

Great update!

Personally, I wish I would like to see Temple+ replace completely Co8 in terms of pure fixes / non controversial additions. With that I mean, shed all that "extra" that is still present in the Standard version of the Co8 mod.

But I suppose that is something that very few care about.

Keep up the great work!

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Cattletech Author

Hi Salk!

I'll tell you what - name 10 Co8 fixes / non-controversial additions you'd like to see replicated in Temple+, and I'll do my best to incorporate them. These have to be specific though, not broad categories like "AI improvements", "Item fixes" etc.

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This Temple+, looks like it just got Temple+++. :)

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Do you still need to disable autosave when using circle of eight mod?

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Cattletech Author

You can enable autosave.

The only thing you have to be careful with is when loading a map you've entered for the first time - it could break some Co8 spawn scripts.

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