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This is Information of The Telekinetics Faction (yuriko)

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Faction Profile:
Colour: Pink
Build Style: Nano Cores(japan)
Commando: Yuriko
Country Based; Japan
Fighting Style; Telekinetic Warfare



Hover Drone
Cost 150
This is a fast agile scout drone that is an early infantry rush killer whit its psionic blast (same as yurikos special ability)

Psionic Trooper
Cost 200
This a weaker version of yuriko this units is good against infantry and when in groups they will kill the odd med tank


Psionic Warrior
Cost 500
This is the anti-armour version to the Psionic Trooper
yet still not as strong as yuriko and also has no anti-air capabilities and amphibious capabilities


Yuriko Clone
Cost 1500
Not as fast or strong and has no anti-air capabilities but still is good with and Yuriko Omega Combo

Yuriko Omega
Cost 2000
Unchanged From Original Yuriko Omega

Base Defenses:

Cost 20 (per segment)
Basic Wall

Telekinetic Wall
Cost 500 (per segment)
Telekinetic walls are invisible to enemies units will get ripped apart try to pass over this wall

Anti-Infantry Turret
Cost 600
Uses telekinetic Blast(yurikos special ablity) to kill infatry and parshely damage tanks

Anti-Armour Turret (icludes air)
Cost 1200
(Yurikos Normal attack)



Ore Collector
Cost 1200
Unchanged from other ore collectors

Mini Gunner
Cost 900
Small,Fast but loaded with Anti-Infantry Guns


The Jackle
Cost 1000
Big strong tank anti-armor tank

Telekinetic Tank
Cost 1500
The telekinetic tank is the ultimate anti-ground unit


Cost 1200
Anti-Armour Tank

Telekinetic Oni
Cost 2000
Can switch between Ball Rush and Telekinetic attack


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