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We started on the story telling cutscenes of Ted by Dawn this week.

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So, since we're only a 2 man operation, things seem to take a little longer to move forward. We've started on our cutscenes this week, and we've already knocked three of them out. Each paints a picture of Ted's nature. Rough around the edges,nature boy, seemingly out for himself, but he's got a real heart of gold.

We posted a new screenshot of the scene involving our scientist, who really moves the entire story. Of course, like any good zombie throwback, he knows how to stop the disease from spreading, and you have to help him. Not a creative story there, but we really think the way Ted handles the situation makes it an interesting story.

Not that anyone really cares about the story, we want gameplay, and it's all coming soon. We have our first world nearly finished to release ready state, and we'll be posting it here when it's ready. It'll only be the first world, since the rest of our worlds are still in a WIP state.

Again, thanks to everyone who might be reading this, we really appreciate the support we've been getting lately from 'round the webs.

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