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massive technical stuff updated with new features.

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hamrfull ocean added, with enable disable senderevents in clearingworldtrigger. just enable or disable them there or use a global variable.

BountyHunter entry in each AI : give or take away playermoney by killing those AI.
--added weight limit for difficulty levels
--added rpgfitness to the weightlimit system
--inserted skill levels for weapons
--added function to floor globalearneddollars and _localplayermoney but keep them negativ, if needed (for player debt support)
read here a brief listing of whats new:


looks good btw...any plans to release a closed alpha demo??

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pvcf Author

this update is a reaction of closed beta demo of devkid, which is the base of the game opcl and some others in developement. without a stable and full working version of devkid i cant really give out opcl alphas.
but it looks good currently, only some small things are missing in devkid and i hope all major bugs are gone.

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