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Information on bools, transitionals, conditionals used, and how to achieve patchless compatibility on high traffic files.

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Mount: 8888
Conditionals: 4181 - 4187
State Transitions: 8700 - 8705
Bools: 8750 - 8752
Integers: 1200 - 1201

Amended vanilla conditionals: 161, 361, 362, 737, 738, 739, 1149, 1152, 1155, 1533, 2026.

BioD_Nor_103CIC.pcc is a file shared between Early Recruitment and Trigger Buttons with sequences pertaining to both. These sequences are gated by in-memory bools for their respective mods (held in BioGame.ini). If you are patching this file, you can use the BioD_Nor_103CIC.pcc file this mod ships and make your changes directly. It can be shipped as part of your main mod. The file will behave as a vanilla file unless Early Recruitment or Trigger Buttons are also installed. You do not need to do anything except use this file as a baseline instead of the vanilla file, and to mount higher than Early Recruitment.

BioD_Nor_103aGalaxyMap.pcc also makes use of Early Recruitment's in-memory bool to check whether it is installed. However, the galaxy map makes use of custom conditionals in order to adapt to Early Recruitment's presence. If you wish to achieve patchless compatibility with Early Recruitment, you may edit this BioD_Nor_103aGalaxyMap.pcc file, but you will also need to include conditionals 4180, 4181, 4183, 4184, 4185 and 4187 in your mod's Startup file. Please contact me if you need assistance creating a Startup file or adding these conditionals to that file. If you do this, you can again ship an edited version of this galaxy map in your main mod and it will natively adapt to Early Recruitment's presence. Systems will unlock at vanilla times if Early Recruitment is not installed, and earlier if it is.

This is a complex mod, and overriding certain files via mounting above can potentially break it in ways that will softlock the game for end users. I have tried to make the files which are absolutely critical to this easily patchable (see above). Traditional patching will also work with these files (and would not require any edits to your startup file in the case of the galaxy map).

If you are not going to provide a comprehensive set of patches, and your mod makes use of any files in common with Early Recruitment, please try to contact me before mounting above Early Recruitment so we can discuss the implications. It may well make sense to mount your mod higher than this one. But if you aren't going to patch, please consider that choice carefully and please be clear that this will make your mod incompatible with Early Recruitment.

I have an open patching policy, so if you are confident you know what you're doing, you don't need to specifically reach out. Please do let me know if you can, though - it's always nice to know.

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