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This is a discription of the new tech trees in place forthe next release

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Its taken a while to finish this bit so im glad to reveal the new tech tree for star wars and star trek

Since there has been such a large re-work of the trek and wars faction there was a need to also rework the tech tree around that

Right now for trek the new research station is the Miranda Class federation ship.
You will still have the four standard upgrades, but the rest of the Tech Tree has been re-worked for the rest of the faction
San Fancisco Fleet Yards (unlocks Constitution class (tier 1) nd Kirks Enterprise) -> 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards (Unlocks Nebula Medic (tier 3))

Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards (Unlocks Galaxy Class(tier 5)) -> Antares Fleet Yards (unlocks Intrepid class (tier 6), Voyager and Dunabe Torpedo class(heavy bomber))) -> McKinley Station (unlocks Excalibur(Tier 10 - carrier), Soverign (Tier 11) and Picards Enterprise)

Treaty Of Bajor (Unlocks Dominion Cruiser (tier 4))-> Free Cardassia (unlocks Cardassian Keldon(Tier 7)) -> Dominion Accord (Unlocks Dominion Capital Ship (tier 9))

Klingon-Federation alliance (unlocks Kruge Hero) -> Alpha Quadrant Alliance (Unlocks Romulan Warbird (tier 8))

Access Delta Quadrant (Unlocks Borg Tact Cube(Tier 12))

This is all of the Trek Ships. The two klingon ships can be found in the Supergate. they are not tech locked but instead cost double the researchable ships proce. Both have the cloak ability so both will be worth it.

Now for Star Wars, since it has also has a bit of a rework, ive also adjusted its Tech Tree

Sienar fleet systems (Unlocks Interdictor(tier 3)) -> Hoersch Kessel Drive Yards (Unlocks Federation Battleship (Tier 10 carrier))

Kuat Drive Yards 1 (Unlocks Broadside Cruiser(tier4) and Yoda in a Jedi Acclimator) -> Kuat Drive Yards 2 (Unlocks Victory Destroyer (tier7) and Nebulon B Frigate (Tier 8)) -> Kuat Drive Yards 3 (Unlocks Star Destroyer(tier11) and Accuser Star Destroyer) -> Kuat Drive Yards 4 (Unlocks Jedi Cruiser(tier12) + Vader in a SSD)

Bastion Accords (unlocks all rebel units below)
Corellian Engineering Corporation (unlocks Corellian Corvette (tier 1) and Sundered Heart) -> Rendili stardrive (unlocks Alliance Assault Frigate (tier 6))

Mon Calamari Shipyards (unlocks MC30 (tier 5))
Expanded Mon Calamari Shipyards (unlocks Calamari Cruiser(tier 9) and Home One)

these two factions are now almost complete, excluding some minor balancing. And this is how they will stay for the time being.

Ive Also been working on the main menu screen. I will Upload an image of it, and the two "school photos" of Trek and Wars when i can



Enjoying the progress. Just gotta wait for the release now...

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looks good

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