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All Faction Technology Trees revamped. Units are now only available in their corresponding Eras.

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The Tech Trees of every faction have been completely revamped in order to match the units corresponding eras/factions. The Eras include:

Tech 1 - Rise of the Empire Era (Late Clone Wars technology)

Tech 2 - Early Imperial Rule Technology

Tech 3 - Height of the New Order (Late Imperial/Rebellion Era Technology)

Tech 4 - New Jedi Order Era (Imperial Remnant/Galactic Alliance Technology)

Tech 5 - Legacy Era (Mixture of ship introduced in the Legacy Comics and LotF series of books)

Certain units will ony be available once its factions has the following:

- The units factory/shipyard planet
- a shipyard/factory
- The units designer (on some units)
- correct era

All other information is currently being worked on by me.
Unit and Hero lists are constantly being changed so no point in posting them here.
I have no mod team, i work alone.

Contact me at:
lmosele12 AT Yahoo DOT com

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