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Now that the Alpha release is available for download, we now focus our attention to the final release of the game.

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The Alpha Demo for Tech Ships : Waves of Victory has now been released. The Alpha has alot of improvements from the Prototype and contains a new map. Feedback from the Alpha Presentation was very positive and we are also interested in your feedback. If you find any bugs with the game, or think the game can be improved, let us know.

So now that the Alpha has been released, we will focus our attention to the final release of the game which is set for the 23rd of May. In the next few weeks, we will be fixing up any remaining bugs and add a few more Game Play features:

  • Research Factory - The Research Factory will allow you to upgrade your units shields and hull. We will also be changing how the ship customization works. Before you can attach Tier 2, 3 or Ultimate weapons you will need to progress through the tech tree by purchasing these Tiers.
  • Turret Factory - To add in the Wave based map, we will be adding a Turret Factory. In this Factory, you will be able to purchase both land and sea based Turrets. The land based Turrets require a cool down and cost a small amount of Zeyonite to use.
    Sea based turrets are turrets that will help defend your Power Stations. There will be three types of sea based turrets that will vary in damage and health.

We look forward to releasing the final version of the game and hope that you enjoy the Alpha until then.

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