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Tech Lab and New City Map Talon City..

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More news about the Assault Knights Tech Lab.. We finally implimented it into the game, As you can see in the screenshots I posted in the images section, Right now you can buy new mechs.. And soon will be able to customise each unit you purchas.. By fighting in game.. You will gain money which can go toward buying better mechs, vehicles, and weapons, Which you will be able to spawn on the battle grounds, inside the Hangar bay, or the VTOL/Helicopter pads, Also in the aircraft area..

Currently right now we have it already working where you will be able to buy units, Soon after we get other things implimented, you will be able to purchas new weapons, to add to the units.. Units will have a slot system, where you will be able to put new weapons, (Up to 10) on a mech. And anywhere from 1 to 10 on a wheeled vehicle, or tank.. Then when you spawn on a map, you will be able to spawn your unit of choice through the buy menu.. Where you will then have the ability to battle each other.. And gain AC (Assault Credits.) By killing the enemy team, Also by captureing bases as well.. The money will all be directly put into your account and be saved with your username and password.. ect..

Also I would like to talk about a new city map I have been makeing.. Alot of our fans has been asking for a city map, to fight in.. So I desided to bring you a city.. This map is not finished yet, But will be playable when we relese the next update..Currently right now we are working on alot of new innovations, also fixing bugs, and hopefully will be able to make the game's mechs look better then they do right now.. (I know they look crappy hehe..) But currently you can check out the new stuff in the images section..
Stay tuned, more to come.. :)

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