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Hey! Holydays are finished, so we're in boring studies/snail development mode. But we've got some interesting news for you!

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Okay, so, as you know, we're back into studies. But we're obviously still working on the Tech Demo.
We released about a week ago a beta to persons supporting the project(like donators, or some selected beta-testers)
We did again some changes and we're gonna soon release a second beta for those persons, and hopefully, we would be able to release the tech demo in about a month and a half.
Remember that the best way for helping us is sharing the projet page around and making donations, the last one makes you able to have access to beta of game(currently the tech demo beta), and just for a 5$ minimum donations.
Yeah, UE4 is really cheap for what it is, but for high school students, it's still much.
Thanks for supporting us, don't forget sharing the project and talking about it with your friends!
The more people are interested in the game, the more we want to make it!
We also need a texture artist and a modeler, feel free to contact us(Obviously, we don't have money for paying UE4, we won't have some for paying people, so it's gonna be a free help(if you help us in these ways, you'll get access to betas).
Sorry for the long post, and thanks to everyone who help us!

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