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Elemental Brawl is moving along quickly in its development as the kickstarter progresses. A lot of bugs have been fixed and the kickstarter has been amped up.

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Elemental Brawl is moving along quickly in its development while our kickstarter runs. A lot of bugs have been fixed, and the demo runs relatively smoothly. We are looking to add LAN multiplayer between 2 people as the next major feature. That should be a lot of fun! If you haven't checked out the Kickstarter yet, but sure to check it out here.

On another note, we have a couple of things to share with you about recent Elemental Brawl related things. For one, we have filmed and released a little teaser video. It's supposed to be short, funny, and to the average viewer, a little bit mysterious as to what the heck they just watched. The object of the video is that if someone happened to watch it, and they had no clue what Elemental Brawl is, they would then look up Elemental Brawl afterwards. We need your help to share this video EVERYWHERE! The more people we can get watching the video, the more people we can tell about Elemental Brawl, the more likely the game gets funded! Everyone wins! Here is the teaser video:

Also, we have recently created a much stronger trailer. It has more of a punch. It tells more about the game. So, be sure to check it out here:

One final thing before we finish up this little news blurb, Elemental Brawl is holding a sort of contest for the game involving fans of the game. While the kickstarter is going on, we need your help to spread any and all media about the game, so to do so, we are asking that if you have a YouTube channel that you do let's play videos on, you showcase the current demo of Elemental Brawl! If the game gets funded, and we create a full website, we will be featuring all the videos of those who made it happen on the website, as well as selecting 3 major helpers to be permanently featured on the website! The result will be more views for you all, and more exposure for Elemental Brawl! Let's make it happen!

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