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Team turrets are now implemented into the mod, check the media section for pictures.

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Team turrets have now been coded into the mod and have textures to show which ones which (I will show these in media section). If their are turrets in the map they will most likely be place outside the appropriate teams spawn, this is so that the team can place the turrets where they want to suit them, because of this each round is likely to be different then the last. However if mapps decide to place the turrets wherever they want their is nothing to stop them doing so.

To pickup the turrets players just have to press "e" the use key and they can then walk around with the turretns and press "e" again or left click to place the turret down, when the turret has been tipped over the player has to pickup the turret and use a wall or something similar to try to get the turret back to its original position, this is so that when an enemy shoots down a turret they can be quite happy knowing that that turret won't be back up in its shooting state for quite some time. ;) By trying to get the turret back in its original state the player will be wide open to getting killed as they won't have their weapon out and can be easily shot down.

Thanks and check the media page to see screenshots and don't forget to watch the mod! :D

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